Corporate Collateral Name Card

Creating brochures, name cards and catalogues for your clients and customers is not always easy. With the large amount of such material being given out to everyone, it’s not easy to create one that captures your audience’s attention.

Materials also have to be durable and good so that clients and customers can keep them for future reference, especially in regards to name card printing. Not all printing companies in Singapore can guarantee that the materials they use can last, and are of good quality.

If you’re looking for a company that offers name card printing in Singapore, Vpublish offers quality printing services in Singapore. They offer good quality, professional name card printing services, and are able to help you design a memorable name card.


While name cards are very small things, they can play a part in helping you secure more clients. With the large amount of name cards that are handed to people daily, a memorable, attention catching, or unique name card might be key in helping clients recall you or your company when they have need of your services. They’re also more likely to remember your name and business.

Name cards also have to be made to last, as clients may not always need your services immediately, or in the near future. Name cards should be made of durable card material so that even years from the first meeting, the potential clients are still able to refer to the card should they feel the need to contact you.

Printing companies in Singapore, such as Vpublish also offer offset printing. Offset Printing produces good quality images and can be used on a wide range of materials, such as cloth, plastic and wood. It’s usually used to mass print brochures, catalogues, flyers and name cards, among many others. It’s commonly used as it’s inexpensive to produce the printing plates, and they are easy to maintain, which makes it more affordable, and more favourable to businesses looking to produce materials for mass distribution.


Of course, it’s important to find a good printing company that offers affordable rates and good service. It’s also good to use a company which uses the newest technology to ensure that you, and your customers, get the best.

Companies such as Vpublish can also help you design your printed materials, ensuring that they’re eye catching, and attractive to the target audience. Such design services help increase the probability of the target audience looking at your flyer or catalogue before throwing it away, and they’re more likely to remember the information and company name.

So if you’re looking for offset printing in Singapore, flyer printing, catalogue printing, name card printing or any form of printing services, be it on wood, plastic or paper, do find a reputable printing company in Singapore to ensure that you can effectively reach out to your intended customers and consumers.