Marketing Collateral Brochures

Singapore is a very fast paced society and in order for you to get your audience’s attention, you often have to take unique or attention catching approaches. One of the easier, more commonly used methods is via the distribution of printed materials.

While flyers are very commonly distributed, they are very often thrown away before the recipient stops to have a proper look at it. As such, it’s crucial that printed materials are eye catching and memorable.

Despite many companies in Singapore offering printing services, few are able to provide designs that will work for you and your customers too. And many smaller companies do often need help with designing something that can stand out among the crowds of flyers that are distributed.

These companies also offer brochure printing services in Singapore, which are subject to the same limitations as flyers. While these are very easily and directly handed to potential customers, they might not give the brochure a second glance before throwing it away.

As such, it’s important to find a company that does brochure printing in Singapore that can also advise and help you with the design and implementation, as these tasks might be a lot for companies without prior experience to handle.

Brochure printing in Singapore also takes some expertise and planning, as content has to be properly arranged so the brochure can be folded accordingly, (ie, 2-fold, tri-fold, zig-zag fold, gate fold, z-fold). Brochure prints can be paired with a Folder.

This corporate folder can be customised to your artwork needs. A single or double pocket slot allows the user to have flyers or presentation brochures inserted in them and make it as a easy hand carry Marketing kit.