Sticker Printing Services Singapore

Sticker Printing Services by Visual Publish Singapore

Being a seasoned, reliable and versatile company in the printing industry, Visual Publish Pte Ltd also offers sticker printing services in Singapore. Visual Publish Pte Ltd produce top-notch quality sticker printing services using modern production facilities to satisfy customer needs. Besides providing sticker printing services, Visual Publish Pte Ltd also provides digital and offset printing and bindery services for both commercial and home use. Visual Publish Pte Ltd promise to deliver full design services that are in accordance with your artistic ideas, layout and needs. Just reach out to us and supply us with the details you wish to print, with any logos if required, and we will try our best to do the very best.

Sticker printing services Singapore

The most fundamental element in any print job, be it offset printing or sticker printing service in Singapore; the more you print, the more economical the price of the print job will be. With the increased advancement in technology, the production of sticker printing has become so easily accessible and affordable that many small-sized businesses, sports teams or even individuals can have custom designs printed stickers. It is also easy to create; just provide us with your own design, logo, photograph, slogan or whatever you like and personalise it with your choice of font and colour.

As with others, Singapore sticker printing services offer sticker printing in a few standardised shapes. The most commons are geometric shapes like circle, square, rectangle and oval as well as narrow rectangles like a name badge, star shape, triangle and the ever-popular heart shape. Besides the shape, the size of the sticker can range in size from 1” to 12” in length as well as height. With smaller decals, many are screen-printed on sheets that are 20” by 28” or 26” by 38”. The larger ones are usually printed using digital roll-to-roll printers that can print up to 60” wide by 150” in length. If there are a thousand small ones to print, it will be up to the printer if it is more economical to screen-press or print digitally.

Singapore sticker printing services

Visual Publish Pte Ltd is a Singapore sticker printing service that produces stickers that are often used to label personal objects – like books, binders, pencil cases, lunch boxes or just about anything else that will hold an adhesive sticker. The peel and stick features of a sticker make it easy for anyone to place their custom printed graphics sticker on whatever surface (as long as it is legal). Laminating your sticker also keeps it looking fresh and vibrant even after it has been pasted on for a while. This is the mark of a quality sticker; it stays on and the colour does not fade quickly.

The Visual Publish Singapore team is your preferred choice for direct mail marketing, on-demand printing, label printing, laminating, mounting and sticker printing services in Singapore. Visual Publish Pte Ltd would ensure consistent quality control and prompt dispatch time for you and your clients to receive the finished printed products.

Visual Publish Pte Ltd ensures that all your printing needs in Singapore are met to the highest standard while still maintaining the fast service and offering the most affordable prices to you. Customer’s needs and satisfaction are essential to us as we would want your Visual Publish experience to be a positive one. If any of you require the services as mentioned earlier like name card printing, brochure printing and sticker printing in Singapore, do not hesitate and call us at 6273 2590. We at Visual Publish would gladly be at your service. Visual Publish Pte Ltd stands behind all their printed work and make sure that a suitable product of sticker printing services is made to meet the customer’s satisfaction.