Offset Printing Services in Singapore

Offset Printing Services by Visual Publish Singapore

With more than 15 years in the printing business, Visual Publish Pte Ltd is a well-established and reliable printing company that offers offset printing services in Singapore. Visual Publish Pte Ltd is well-equipped with modern production facilities, using the extremely dependable sheet fed lithography to serve the long-run printing needs of our customers. Visual Publish Pte Ltd produces high-end and consistent quality image as well as colour through their offset printing service in Singapore despite the inexpensive plates used and the uncomplicated maintenance procedure.

This type of offset printing service in Singapore can print over a wide range of printing media and surfaces, which includes cloth, metal, leather, smooth or rough paper as well as wood. Visual Publish Pte Ltd provides offset printing services of products including catalogues, brochures, flyers, booklets, sticker, name card, presentation folders as well as fine art. This offset printing service in Singapore also includes a single colour or up to six colour printings 40” Heidelberg sheet fed press equipment, closed-loop colour management, various in-line aqueous coating from high gloss, gloss, satin or dull, multiple varnish techniques and flood UV coating.

Offset printing services Singapore

Offset printing services in Singapore is called offset printing, or offset lithography, due to the indirect process or print technology in which the images of the prints on metal plates are transferred or offset to rubber rollers before actually being plastered onto the selected medium. Singapore offset printing services work on a basic and simple theory that ink and water do not mix; the ink would adhere to the image area while the water goes to the non-image area.

The printing units each print a single colour on only one side of the paper. However, before the print run or process can start, the printing plates must be loaded into the print units. This would require extreme care because even the most minute scratches on the print plates would be plastered, transferred and visible in the printed image. All the colour separation plates must also be in sync and connected to each other and every plate has register holes to locate it precisely on both the plate-setter and onto the printing press. The printing plate is automatically wrapped onto the plate cylinder, pressing against the rubber blanket cylinder. The first colour print units are loaded evenly with ink in the order: Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. The finished print job will definitely be of the highest quality with perfect-looking images true to its intended colours as Singapore offset printing services use actual Pantone Ink and the Pantone Matching System.

Offset printing service Singapore

Offset printing service Singapore is the most common and absolute choice for high mass and volume print job in Singapore. Offset printing services in Singapore might just provide the best offer with the highest quality of finished print for the lowest price per piece in the printing industry; depending on the volume or bulk of the print job.

Most of the cost is in the initial set up and the price per print will decrease as the quantity of the prints increases, making Singapore offset printing service a preferred choice for large or high-volume print jobs. Staccato FM screening is used for customised offset printing service. This patented screening technology can deliver incomparable consistency and quality in proofing and presswork. This would be the best offset printing solution if your printing project requires a super unique finish.